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Jenn Hodgson
Jennifer Hodgson

Jennifer grew up in a small town in Indiana and has always done what she could to help others. So, it’s no surprise that she uses her gifts as a psychic medium, reiki master/teacher, intuitive life coach and as a paranormal investigator to help those in need.

She has written the book: The Ups, Downs, & Aha! Moments Of Your Journey: Connecting Spirit, Mind, & Body and has also written for the Cartomancer magazine.

When she’s not writing or helping others you can find her hanging out with family and friends, reading, or traveling.

She believes that anyone can create the life they want and shouldn’t let others decide for them what their life will be about. Everyone has a purpose in life. Finding that passion is something she encourages everyone to do.

Jennifer lives in Indiana and is married to her best friend, Steve.

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