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Steve Hodgson
Steve Hodgson

Originally from Greenwich Village in the heart of New York City, Steve grew up in a loving family home. His father Robert was a NYC Police Officer, and his mom Millie was both a stay at home mom and later a computer programmer. Both Steve and his brother Robert attended Catholic school as well as a Jesuit Military Academy in High School.

He lived in a mostly Italian neighborhood. Everyone knew each other and back in those days everyone watched out for each other. Steve spent a lot of time both volunteering and working for the local Roman Catholic Church, St. Anthony of Padua where he ran plays for the children, was an altar and choir boy and later Church organist.

His experiences with the paranormal started in his early teenage years and continue to this very day. He truly believes that there some type of existence after this one and many cross over and are seen and heard in our own world.

By the same token, he also believes that Satan uses this to his advantage and utilizes the phenomena to spread his evil among unsuspecting homeowners around the globe.

Steve has a very strong belief in God and His powers against evil. He does not classify himself as a Christian or Catholic as people begin to assume things based on the title. He truly believes that the paranormal is a calling, his calling, to help families and business owners who need help from these entities crossing over into our realm.

He has been married to his wife Jennifer for over 17 years now and they reside in a quiet town in Indiana. By day Steve retired from web designer, creator of video presentations and just plain enjoys being with his wife and pets.

In 2021 Steve was diagnosed with IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis).

Steve and Jennifer started Professional Paranormal Investigations a number of years ago to help ‘Explore The Unknown’. Each year they give a series of lectures in Libraries across a few states helping to educate people on the paranormal.

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