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The Paranormal: NOT As Seen On TV


With the advent of Paranormal TV shows many people have become intrigued by the paranormal and the existence of something that they cannot see or feel that can communicate with them and from an alternative plane or place.

Steve was a big fan of the TV shows but feels they somehow fall short of educating people what really might go on at an investigation and many times that it is nothing to play with or just have fun.

By no means is Steve knocking the Paranormal TV shows. They have opened many doors for serious investigators which may have been closed to them prior to airing.

The book is Steve’s attempt to educate the public a little further on what could be taking place, alternative theories and he gives his own personal experience and presents some photo evidence on things he and his group Professional Paranormal Investigations ( has experienced.

So sit back and enjoy as Steve ‘Explores The Unknown” . Listen closely to what he has seen, felt and dealt with at his investigations.

It is NOT always what you see on TV!